Thursday, May 11, 2017

bloooooo long sleeve

Found this lovely blue fabric on the remnants floor of Britex Fabrics in San Francisco when we were there for the AGU in December last year.  The shop assistants were a little surprised that my plan was to use it to make something for a man! But, anyway, here we are... I think it suits James very well. This was just the usual long-sleeve top pattern. Since the fabric is quite weighty and has 2-way stretch, and these long-sleeve tops tend to go a bit baggy round the neck, I added narrow elastic round the neck. This had the effect of making the shirt a bit short and I had to add an extra hem onto the bottom! The neck appears slightly gathered but it has already relaxed quite a bit and I expect it to do more so over time. 

I am a bit behind with blogging. This photo was taken in March!